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Version: 2.2.0 from June 15, 2004.
Size: 1 326 KB.

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...Changes Saver is a nice tool for both home and professional users who want to easily keep backup versions of their files.


Changes Saver is intended for saving the files modification history. At each file modification, its copy, that is its version, gets created. A user can view and use any previous file version at any moment. Changes Saver allows setting different options of versions creation, which are:

  • Tracking folders and separate files. You can set different modes for tracking folders: whole folder, using file templates and adding separate files manually.
  • Modes of versions creation. It is possible to create a version at each saving, after accumulating a certain number of modifications, or after a certain time interval. Besides, a user can manually create versions when he/she finds it necessary.
  • Versions storing. There is a possibility to set a number of versions for storing, or a period, for which versions will be saved. This does not mean, however, that after these conditions are reached, versions will no longer be created. What is going to happen is that old versions will be replaced by more recent file versions.
  • Versions naming. You can set a format of file names for versions. This is convenient for viewing versions.
  • Alternative viewer. It is possible to set a program for viewing versions, different from the one defined in Windows. This can be helpful in the situation when it is necessary to simply view a version file without loading a “heavy” application for its editing.

Changes Saver provides with the ability to manage files versioning from a special application Changes Saver Monitor, as well as directly from Windows Explorer context menu, which greatly simplifies working with Changes Save.

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Trial limitations

  • You can use application 30 days only.
  • Files backup properties is disabled.

System requirements

  • PC compatible computer
  • OS Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, WIndows XP
  • 2.25 MB on hard disk (without versions files)

Multi language support

Changes Saver supports multilingual interface. What that means is you can work with Changes Saver in your native language. See the list of languages already supported by Changes Saver in the table below. The list will be constantly replenished. If you have not found the support for your language, you can compose the language support file yourself - see the details in Changes Saver Help (System options). Please send your translation to us, and if it is a new language translation (not in the list yet) and if it is acceptable, we will include it to the next version.




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