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Time Sled

Screen shots

The main window of Time Sled. User interface is divided into three areas - Area of current tasks, To Do list and Activity log.

You have the possibility to hide To Do list and Activity log.

Starting a new task

Inserting a completed task

You can plan time for a task. Time Sled will alert you when the time has come.

Setting storage options. You can save activity log to Time Sled log files or to a special Lotus Notes database.

Time Sled reporter allows you to analize the activity log.

Data filtering options.

Setting data grouping order.

The Activity log and Gannt diagramm.

Tuning a printable report.

Printable report preview.

Export options.

You can work with Time Sled through the tray icon menu without the main window display.

Viewing tasks log in Lotus Notes client.

Setting project with the help of the Lotus Notes database.